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Training for chefs: Why this is really necessary!

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
December 12, 2017

Training for chefs: Why this is really necessary!

Berlin, Germany – 12 December 2017 – From Sandra Kloss-Selim –
Our beliefs on which we’ve built our reality are good and correct. But questioning them from time to time can take us a big step ahead in our own lives. Because “real” we all need a trainer every now and then…

“I don’t require coaching,” he said. He sat broad-legged facing me, his chef’s coat slightly opened, his gaze straight. Chef chefs are consistently an extremely special league when it comes to training.

All right, I thought to myself and asked him, “Then why are you here?”

“I’ve been sent here, so I must do this today.”

On cruise ships, the trainers are usually only a trip on board, and all employees are then scheduled and the training courses are a “must be”.

“No,” I said, “you do not need to, it is possible to go if you think your employees are motivated to return to function, the standard of the dishes served would be correct, the evaluations following the trip are gorgeous!” “You’re,” he said and moved to the doorway.

I flipped around and packaged up my newspapers. With the deal in his hand, he mumbled: „Nobody can help me with my problems anyhow, it is only possible with screaming and hard bandages from the kitchen, that they don’t work any other manner”.

I turned about and said, “Is that the way it functions?” He explained “Well, sometimes” and we were in the middle of training…

Sandra Kloss-SelimAbout Sandra: Born in Berlin in 1973, Sandra Kloss-Selim is dedicated to human resources management on cruise ships and luxury hotels since 15 years. Learn more about her:

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