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Cooks, waiters and hotel staff are somewhat rare – Clumsy recruiting plans an integral factor in employee recruitment

Profile Photo By: Carsten Hennig
November 17, 2017

Cooks, waiters and hotel staff are somewhat rare – Clumsy recruiting plans an integral factor in employee recruitment

Berlin, Germany – 17 November 2017 –
Who wonders if the expensive job advertisement does not create a single application? Young individuals, as they’re urgently required in the catering and hotel business everywhere, must be able to apply easily and quickly via smartphone. The same as a hotel reservation, new jobs have to be just a few clicks away. Complicated job pages that are not optimized for mobile use are quickly deleted on the mobile phone; a cardinal error is to get unasked PDFs filled with occupation overviews.

Sophisticated technical recruiting solutions are considered as crucial variables in cellular employee recruiting: (

  • Responsive job landing pages using shortened internet addresses
  • 1-click application tool
  • Apps for job search & communicating
  • Chatbot for job search and FAQ
  • Smart HR marketing on the social web (own channels on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube)

The human resources situation is precarious: not just top managers, but also a growing number of workers need to work harder and more difficult because there’s a deficiency of junior employees. What has been propagated years back to all the master’s subject „work-life balance” appears to have failed uninformed. Nowadays, the information effort is called „make employees happy”. Employees need „appreciation and attention. For money and happiness do not correlate,” stated German columnist Florian Langenscheidt. Almost at exactly the exact same time, a survey revealed that 90 percent of all employees are currently “not concerned about losing their jobs”; there is an oversupply of labour vacancies together with possibly better companies. The increasing negative evaluations at talk volumes. Whoever believes that even as a highly acclaimed hotel group they must pay employees low wages under the cover scale and constantly demand more performance will be seriously penalized.

Additionally, employee motivation is indeed simple and affordable! The fantastic working relationship with colleagues and superiors, the individual factor, is the top motivator for 65 percent – and they move to work with more pleasure, the Manpower Group discovered in a poll two years ago. 50 percent of employees are motivated with flexible working hours. For 42 percent of employees, it is an important motivating factor that coworkers are friends and want to do anything with their colleagues or be together in their own spare time. Personnel decision-makers are now also health supervisors and comforters – that the range of mental issues is growing rapidly! asked. Employers need to concentrate on the look for well-priced staff apartments, lounge-like lounges together with great foods and company-owned day-care facilities.

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