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Practical tips to ensure you arrive feeling good

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August 27, 2012

Practical tips to ensure you arrive feeling good

Prepare your trip to reduce the effects of jet lag

If you are travelling eastbound: go to bed earlier during the days preceding the flight.
If you are travelling westbound: you ought to stay up late?.

Prevent the risks of remaining seated for too long on a long-haul flight

Remaining seated for long periods of time can cause poor blood circulation in your legs during the flight. This risk can be prevented by:

– wearing comfortable loose-fitting clothes,
– drinking water regularly, avoiding alcoholic drinks,
– following the exercises shown in a film screened on long-haul flights, and walking around the plane,
– wearing support hose when over the age of 40 and on flights of more than six hours,
– avoiding sleeping tablets.

You should also keep any medicines you take with you (a medical prescription bearing the precise name of the medication may be requested by the airport security agents), and not wear contact lenses during the flight.

Update your vaccinations depending on where you are travelling to

Some destinations require a series of injections, so you should ask your doctor or the Air France vaccinations centre for advice. A vaccinations guide is available at

Certain vaccinations require several successive injections, so you must think ahead and not neglect them because you?re short of time before your departure! It is better to be partially vaccinated than not at all.

Air France International Vaccinations Centre:

148, rue de l?Universit? – 75007 Paris.
Tel: 01 43 17 22 00 or

Open every day except Sundays and holidays; no appointment needed; open non-stop from 9 am to 5 pm.

Overcome your fear of flying with the anti-stress training course

Approximately 30% of passengers are scared of flying, so Air France offers an anti-stress course, available to all travellers who wish to overcome their fear of flying. Prepared by specialists and designed to alleviate anxiety, the course takes place twice a week ? in one session of about 7 hours ? at the Air France Pilot Training Centre at Paris-Charles de Gaulle.

On the agenda: an interview with a psychologist specialized in aviation stress, a meeting with flight crew members, a session in a flight simulator – a real cockpit which pilots use for their own training. In this way, the trainee discovers the flight crews? professional skills which enable them to cope with every possible emergency situation. A debriefing session ends the course.

The training team is made up of 23 pilots and 25 cabin crew.

Each year, 550 people attend this course, which has great results and a success rate of over 90%.

The course, which costs ?600, is on the list of government-approved training sessions.

To enrol, send an email to

Source: Air France

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