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Getting creative at college

Profile Photo By: H L
September 17, 2012

Getting creative at college

To be honest, it took me a while to get back into the routine of college life. I found my feet after a couple of fun classes though. For our one subject, Training and Development, we had the opportunity to teach chapters out of the book in groups.

We have had slideshows, printouts, formal lectures, quizzes, puzzles, etc; but the one I?m going to elaborate on is games…

The game that stands out above the rest is when the students placed the chairs in a circle to symbolise a business. The people sitting on these chairs symbolise the employees; and in this circle the people had to place their hands on the person?s lap next to them.

Then without too much of warning, the chairs were taken out from under their bums. They stood balanced though, but as soon as the ?rst person gave in they all fell down. Thus the weakest person brought the business down.


Miss E participating as an employee in the company

We also had a talent show the other day; unfortunately I couldn?t attend, but I am working on getting my hands on the footage!

Friday 31 August is the annual 3rd year cocktail party. This is our farewell. Yes it is early in the year, but we received some sad news. Our principal, Mr O, will be continuing his career at another establishment. This is very sad news, as we just got to know him, but I?m surely talking for most of the student body when I say we wish him all the best for the future!

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